Handling Employment Discrimination in San Diego

By Corey Hanrahan

Discrimination in employment can be heartbreaking for anyone to go through for any reason. Whether you are facing age discrimination, gender discrimination, racial discrimination or other distinguishable cases of employment discrimination it hurts and it’s wrong. Both the federal government and the State of California have protected individuals from being refused work for reasons other than lack of qualifications, position, or legal status. California has a much broader employment discrimination standard than the federal government, that includes within its “protected characteristics” : “race, religious creed, color, national origin, ancestry, physical disability, mental disability, medical condition, marital status, sex, age, or sexual orientation”.

“…California has a much broader employment discrimination standard than the federal government…”

The law is clear that you cannot be turned down or removed from a job based on the above protected characteristics, but it also means that you cannot be penalized while on the job. The State of California protects you from:

  • Disparate treatment
  • Disparate impact
  • Harassment

Employer actions which involve hiring, promotion, or termination due to characteristic, such as age or gender are against the law. Example, a company cannot lay someone off for being old, promote a male because you sense the female may get pregnant that year, or fire someone because they came out as gay, nor can the amount of sick or maternity leave taken be held against someone for a promotion. These laws also protect people from harassment in the workplace, be it sexual or what some would deem bullying.

If you have been treated unfairly in employment, or believe that you may be the victim of discrimination due to having one of the above “protected characteristics” consult with a discrimination lawyer or employment attorney today. There are ways that we can help you to negotiate or (if necessary) litigate in order to improve your circumstances and/or receive just compensation. You do not have to accept treatment that is not only unfair but illegal in the State of California. Call us today to find out how we can help you to overcome these unhappy events and get your life and your career back on track.